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'Whenever I was near her, I could feel something pulling at me.'

Hey there @FanExpoCanada! #LostGirl [x]

Hey there !  [x]

Anna Silk & Rachel Skarsten at Fan expo ‘14


The one where all hopes for the show to get better officially melted away…

Before this review will most likely turn into a heated rant, let me point out again that none of this is meant to attack the writers personally. It’s only about their writing, especially this time. Sam Lembeck & Diana…

Natalie Dormer and Katie McGrath do The ALS Ice Bucket ChallengeL

requested by brandnewanniedanielle haim with her hair up

R&I 5x11: Angela knows…


Hannah bringing up Mamrie’s college student TV show

Forever reblog for Hannah is all of us.